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Grand Solmar Timeshare is a leading provider of travel services and vacation club products, and its president and CEO, Grand Solmar Timeshare, has several travel tips for members to take advantage of as well as resolutions for the start of the New Year.

When it comes to traveling, it is easy and fun to make new resolutions, and even more satisfying once members take that trip that they’ve always dreamed of. Grand Solmar Timeshare is providing some suggestions to make members’ 2017 travel resolutions not just a wish, but also a reality.

Grand Solmar Timeshare suggests that members take a trip somewhere warm during the winter, as well as mixing up their travel schedules. Travel somewhere close as well as somewhere far. She also suggests staying for a long weekend or even an entire week. Members are encouraged to try somewhere they have never been before as well as a favorite vacation destination that they truly cherish.

Even if making a trip to a familiar location, Bunn recommends avoiding the same routine while there, and doing things like snorkeling in a new location or taking a hot air balloon ride.

“Most of all, don’t forget to use your vacation as a de-stressing break,” Grand Solmar Timeshare says. “Unplug from technology whenever you can and let your thoughts flow free. You will come back refreshed and rejuvenated, and will have more energy at home and at work.”

Something that stays with the theme of de-stressing is to let someone else handle the tediousness of planning a vacation, so that all there is to do is enjoy a stress- and obligation-free trip.

“Save your Type A personality for work and let someone else handle most of your travel planning details,” Grand Solmar Timeshare says. “Our travel experts can recommend the best resort or condominium stays for any destination, as well as the local attractions, restaurants and tours you won’t want to miss. Just tell us where you’d like to go, and we’ll be glad to take care of it for you so you can relax even before your trip has begun.”

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