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Grand Solmar Scam Reduction Squad is well aware all of the time, money, and planning to make sure that a vacation goes as wanted. However, many people may experience a ruined vacation if they fall into some of the traps that locals create to fool unsuspecting tourists. These scams can easily be prevented with the proper knowledge and how to avoid them.

One scam that many people may not be aware of is concerned with rental cars. Many people choose to get rental cars when they are on vacation because of the shear convenience of being able to explore as these please. Renting a car also means avoiding the many scams that taxicab drivers have created to con tourists out of money. However, one travel scam that people might walk into when renting a car is having to pay for damage that presumably was not there prior to renting the car. People will often times rent a car that appears to have no damage, and then return in the same pristine condition that in came. Nonetheless, the workers at the rental car company check the car for damage that can only be seen when looking underneath the car, or in other inconspicuous locations. They then tell the customer that there is damage to the car that was not there before, and they need to pay for it.

Grand Solmar Scam Prevention Team recommends one way to avoid such a scam, and that is to very carefully look at the car before driving off the lot with it. Although it may seem like a pain to search every square inch of the car, it will be worth it in the long run. If any damage is found, alert the rental company so they can take note of the damage.