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When you are on vacation, Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Team knows that you do not want anything to go wrong, and you especially do not want to fall victim to scams. It is likely that you will never have to fall victim to scams when you are traveling, but it is never wrong to be prepared just in case. That is why Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Team wants to make all travelers aware of the scams that people do commit how they target tourists. Today, they would like to discuss the broken camera scam.

The broken camera scam is orchestrated by scammers posing as tourists and they hang out in hot spots where they know real tourists will frequent. They will try to be friendly to you, introducing you to their traveling companions, and then ask you to take a picture of them and their friends. You have seen people do this a number of times, and without hesitation, tell them that you will be happy to help them out. You try to take the picture and discover that the camera is broken, at which point the scammer will accuse you of breaking the camera and demand that you pay them back for it, even though, the most likely case is that the camera was already broken and they use it as a prop to fool tourists. You can protect yourself by politely declining to handle their camera, and move alone. If you do decide to trust and help people asking you to take pictures, make sure that you are very careful and tell them ahead of time that you will not be responsible if there is anything wrong with the device. Read more about protecting yourself from our team at Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam prevention team.