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Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Team knows that any people find a thrill in renting a vacation property on the beach that they consider to be their dream house. It’s easy to get excited when deals online offer a very affordable price. The deal may seem too good to pass up, so decide to find out if it’s available. But the truth is, they may have just fallen victim of a scam artist.

Advertising rental properties online by private parties is becoming more of a common thing. Some offers may be legitimate, but not always. It’s important to verify the property of your choice is really available for rent, even when the scam artist will do what they can to make it seem like the real deal. They might provide the address or offer an online tour, showing off features of the house both inside and out.  They might even have documents that look legitimate as well.

All of these things can make it seem like a real offer, but there will also be signs that the deal is not as real as it seems.

  • Pay attention to the pictures: look for views that do not match the location of the property or different looking structures or rooms to see if they are just generic shots collected by the scammer.
  • Type of Payment: If the owner of the property asks for payment by wire transfer or in cash, be alarmed because these are favored methods of payments by scam artists.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Squad knows travelers love finding the best deal, but encourages renters to look into a property and checking out all the facts before jumping into something that could be fraudulent.